Why are Window Blind Cords so Dangerous?

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To most people, the cords attached to window blinds seem innocent enough and fairly harmless. However, many young children have been severely injured or even killed by these fittings. There have been major campaigns over recent years to raise awareness of the dangers of window blind cords where children are concerned. Most companies who offer curtains and blinds such as Applewood Interiors, ensure that all of their products are safe for use where there may be toddlers and children. However there are still homes in places like Upminster, where older blinds remain fitted and people are reluctant to change them. This could be because they have no young children visiting or they are unaware of the dangers.

Figures show that fatal accidents involving blind cords usually happen in a bedroom, and the children are typically aged between 16 and 36 months. Research also shows that more than half of the children are about 23 months old. These tragedies happen as toddlers heads weigh more than an adults in proportion to their bodies and their windpipes are softer. Their muscular control is less developed, making it difficult for them to get free. In many cases, carers have been nearby when these awful events have occurred yet heard nothing.

Prevention is a priority here, which is why there is such an emphasis in the media about making blinds safer. When purchasing a blind always check that they are child safe. This means no looped cords, particularly if the blinds are intended for a child’s bedroom. New blinds will have the required safety measures applied, but where there are existing blinds:-

  • Replace with new child friendly blinds
  • Completely remove cords
  • Tie up cords on blinds [and curtains] safely using cord tidies, cleats or special clips
  • Keep children’s cots, beds, playpens and high chairs etc away from windows

In addition to precautions around blinds, don’t hang toys or other items on a child’s bed or cot, never have drawstring bags in the vicinity either. Our cherubs aren’t little for long so make sure they are as safe and happy as possible.

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