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Curtains and blinds can have such an effect on the look and feel of your home, but it’s important that they compliment rather than overwhelm. The way you dress your windows is a great indicator of style and personality. It’s one of the best ways to demonstrate your imagination and individuality. Entering a room which has carefully thought out, dynamic décor is a real pleasure for visitors too. Ways to enhance your windows and living space include:-

Pinch pleat curtains

This popular look brings a tailored feel to your windows, and will fit in well in modern or traditional settings. For an effective and successful pinch pleat, use around two and a half times the amount of fabric that you would normally use.

Rod gathered curtains

Lightweight curtains work best with this type of set up, and usually ones that are not used too much, which may stress delicate fabrics.

Wave effect

Cotton materials or the more sheer kind that drape easily are ideal for the contemporary wave look. This brings a charming and elegant feel that is clean, simple and practical for any home.

The goblet design

This heading is unusual and decorative, with it’s line of wineglass-shapes, making it traditional and formal. Used with poles or tracks and perfect for heavier, thicker fabric.

Eyelet Header

The eyelet design is a favourite type of curtain header, and looks good and is easy to change, all that is needed is a curtain pole. It doesn’t need realms and realms of fabric so is quite economical.

There are a vast array of trims that will make your curtains totally bespoke, and allow co-ordination with your soft furnishings. Pelmets are an addition that will transform your windows, and add the perfect finish. They can be designed and cut to your own specifications too, and can be padded and buttoned if desired. At Applewood Interiors, we are dedicated to providing you with the exact results you want, for a gorgeous home.


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