New & Replacement UPVC Front Doors & Kitchen Doors

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Attractive and Stylish UPVC Front Doors

A warm home needs a welcoming front door, Home owners naturally spend time and money creating a living space that reflects their taste and personality. It is only when an old wooden door has outlived its usefulness that any thought is given to its replacement.

In many homes across the UK modern UPVC doors are replacing traditional wooden doors as the front door of choice. Advances in UPVC technology have brought in a new generation of attractive and stylish UPVC doors. Wooden doors warp over the years, letting in cold draughts. Wooden doors need to be painted, preserved or treated. Not only are UPVC doors very low maintenance but they offer improved home insulation, lower energy bills and increased home security.

UPVC exterior doors come in a wide choice of finishes including antique oak and rosewood as well classic white. At UPVC Door Store we manufacture the doors we sell. We can even produce UPVC doors that are different colours on each side allowing you to match your door to both the inside and the outside of your home.

A Great Choice of UPVC Front Doors

Made to Measure Exterior Doors from

UPVC Door Store manufactures UPVC front doors in different styles, designs and colours. We have bevelled doors, panelled doors, glass-fronted doors and leaded glass doors. We have doors with tinted window panes, stained glass and patterned glass. Glazed panels incorporate colours and patterns in art deco, modern and classical styles.

At we also offer a great choice of door fittings including door handles, door knockers and letter boxes in silver, chrome and gold. Check out the website to get an idea of the options available or give us a call if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for.

Safe, Secure Replacement UPVC Back Doors

Solid and glass panelled doors are popular choices for the front of the property while half glazed and fully glazed UPVC doors are usually selected for back doors. Glazed doors allow light and warmth into the kitchen or back of the home.

Back doors from UPVC Door Store are manufactured to the same exacting standards as our front doors.

UPVC doors provide a greater level of security than traditional wooden doors. All of our UPVC doors have a core of galvanised steel giving them a strength far greater than traditional wooden doors. Our UPVC doors come with a 5 point locking system fitted as standard. The whole effect is an attractive yet solid barrier against unwanted visitors and a deterrent against house burglars.

Made to Measure UPVC Exterior Doors cuts out the middle men and we supply doors directly to the customer. Whether you are a building contractor or a home owner all of our doors are available to all of our customers at trade prices.

One of the great joys of UPVC Door Store is that all of our UPVC exterior doors are made to measure. This bespoke manufacturing service ensures that your new or replacement UPVC door will fit snugly into place, and as the doors come pre-fitted into their fames UPVC doors are completely draught proof.

Measuring for replacement doors is easy and full instructions are given on our website. Simply measure the width and height of the external brickwork in at least three places and subtract 10mm from the smallest measurement.

Installation is also straightforward and can be carried out by a competent handyman or DIY enthusiast. All screws, brackets and fittings are available from and help is readily available on the website or on the phone from one of our friendly and helpful technical assistants.

We are also able to provide an installation service to customers who live within a 40 mile radius of our workshop in Basildon.

Delivery & Installation

UPVC Door Store delivers to all parts of the UK.

UPVC front & back doors can usually be manufactured and delivered within 10 days of order.

For further information on delivery, installation or how to get the exact measurement for your new replacement doors, visit our website at or contact us directly on 0800 072 4887

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