State of the Art Integrated Home Automation in Essex

Optic Control would like to thank our Brentwood neighbours and internet promotion partners Applewood Interiors for inviting us onto their website. In many, many ways Applewood and Optic Control combine perfectly to create and enhance the ideal home.

Interior Design – Mood Lighting & Zone Lighting – Essex

Control Optic are specialists in joined up thinking across all audio and visual electronics applications for the home and business.
Mood Lighting is now integrated into many new build home and has come a long way since the simple dimmer switch. A touch panel on the wall allows you instant control of the whole environment. Curtains, blinds, light and sound, all manipulated by remote control. Whether you choose a low key relaxed ambience or something warmer and brighter, home automation is available create the environment you choose.

Zone lighting offers you the choice to divide your living space into separate areas, creating a different atmosphere in each. Optic Control gives you the ability to then adapt these zones by pre-set programme or to account for your ever changing needs.

Integrated Audio & Music Systems – Brentwood

Music and sound play a rich role in creating an atmosphere. People either select music to reflect their emotions or to alter the way they are feeling.

In most homes, music is accessible from a wide array of mass storage devices including iPods and iPads, PCs and music servers, MP3s and 4s, and good old fashioned CDs and vinyl. Optic Control are able to integrate your music systems allowing you instant access to almost any track on almost any device. With LED control panel screens distributed throughout your home, your whole music collection is available to you in any room you choose.

Optic Control work with the leading technological manufacturers of audio equipment including Bose, B&W, Linn and Crestron and our specialist audio technicians will help establish the optimum system and placement according to the design of your home and your particular requirements.

Flat Screen HD Plasma LCD TV and Audio Visual Installations

State of the Art Integrated Home Automation in Essex

From fitting a simple satellite dish to designing and installing a fully integrated home security system, Optic Control are expert in all televisual technologies. Our master antenna system allows you to watch your choice of television channel from one single satellite receiver on any screen in any room of your house.
How we experience television has changed over the years to such an extent that almost ‘anything goes’. We can fit large screen televisions above the mantelpiece in the living room or supply ‘pop up’ televisions contained within discrete cabinets. We offer a range of home cinema applications including HD and projector models, independent or integrated into your home automation network.

To give one small example of an integrated system, imagine watching a movie streamed from the internet direct onto your plasma screen. The doorbell rings and an image of your visitor appears in the corner of the picture and the remote control in your hand offers you the choice to let them in.

Commercial Audio & Visual Installations – Essex, Kent, London

Optic Control are one of the UKs leading companies in providing integrated audio & visual systems to businesses, hotels, pubs, schools, colleges and hospitals.

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