New Blinds for 2018

High Quality Vertical Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Roller Blinds & Roman Blinds, Billericay & Brentwood

There are many advantages to using blinds for your home in Brentwood or Billericay, apart from their obvious attractive qualities, versatility and affordability, they are also highly functional. Most blinds allow you to control exactly the amount of light you want in the room with just the flick of the control wand. This can mean glorious sunshine on a bright summers day, or a complete blackout when a good sound sleep is needed or for those on shift work who need to sleep during daylight hours. They are often easier to clean than curtains, and do not attract and collect the dust as easily. Blinds in smaller rooms can look especially smart, particularly where there are a lot of windows.

Curtains can look a little bulky in these smaller sized rooms and blinds present the ideal alternative, being neat, tidy and space saving. You don’t need to decide on one or the other either, using blinds along with curtains can have it’s advantages, especially where thermal efficiency is concerned. Once closed curtains and blinds work together to provide increased privacy, plus a cosy environment, even when the weather outside is freezing or stormy.

There are a number of styles and materials to choose when it comes to blinds, each having its own advantages. Roman blinds for instance are elegant and practical whether its gorgeous designs in beautiful soft folds, crisp ginghams or water resistant fabrics for kitchens etc. Roller blinds are simple to use and come in a wide range of colours and patterns for any room, can also be made with waterproof fabrics, and are often seen in bathrooms and kitchens.

Vertical blinds are very popular, and can look perfect installed on wide windows or glass doors, offering a robust window covering solution. They will compliment most d├ęcor schemes, and are the preferred choice in lots of homes. Venetian blinds look impressive with their horizontal slats, and come in materials like aluminium, wood and plastic making them an easy clean option.

All of our blinds can be made to fit all sizes and shapes of window, and we are delighted to offer a free, no obligation home consultation. We also only offer blinds that have child safety cord features.

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