Please see below some of the questions we are asked.

Q1. Where is your shop?

A . We don’t have a shop – I will come out to visit you.
Stores such as John Lewis will send you some samples in the post and leave you to make a selection. I provide a complete home consultation.

Quite often I find that what you initially have in mind, concludes with something very different. For example, one lady initially wanted a geometric fabric design. At the end of the consultation she had selected a textured fabric, and was delighted with it. Once the curtains were sorted she was then able to move on with the sofa, wallpaper, carpets and paint, to complete the room.

I have a vast experience in home consultation. My role is not to instruct you; I have lots of swatches for you to view. I listen to you and from your preferences on design, texture and colour I help you to work out the co-ordinated effect that you really want. From your guidance I can often make practical suggestions such as an upholstered pelmet to complete the effect. This is only possible by seeing your home in-situ, giving me the total feel for the room.

Q2. I would like a blind, but don’t know what type, can you help me?

A. In my home visit I will bring a range of blinds for you to view. I have a wide selection of different types of blinds for you consider and establish which ones look good and fit well. We discuss some practical features such as the shading offered by the different blinds, helping you to make an informed decision that you are sure to be more than happy with.

Q3. Can You Supply Battery Operated Roller Blinds?

A . A recent innovation are One Touch Roller Blinds. These roller blinds are remote battery operated. There are no wires, and no electrician is required.

The battery runs for around 12 months and can be recharged over night. The recharge unit plugs into a connector at the top of blind – and away you go….!!

One remote control can operate 4 blinds. It eliminates all cords and chains and is very safe, convenient and inexpensive.

The first lady we showed the One Touch Roller Blind to said she assumed they would be for only young techies or rich people. She was delighted to find that they are for ordinary people – just like her……!!

Another customer in Billericay has a large bay window and is able to close all four blinds individually. She loves her new toy…

A recent customer wanted a motorised track for a huge window in a top floor apartment in Upminster. She told us – I just love my big track, I can’t stop opening and closing my curtains…..

Q4. I have had bi-folding doors fitted but I don’t know how to dress them, can you help?

A . I have a range of blinds that are designed specifically for bi-folding doors. I have three design options available for you. In a free of charge home consultation I will provide all the information you need to make a fully informed decision.

Q5. I have had curtains installed in the past – they looked awful. Any advice?

A. I suspect that the curtains you had were pencil pleat curtains. As standard, our clients always have pinch pleat heading – which will always dress into the folds that you want and will always look fabulous. You probably also had double pleat curtains. All of our curtains are treble pleat – as standard – and they will always present way better than the cheaper double pleat. Other curtain companies often charge a lot more for treble pleat. We offer treble pleat as standard, they are a little more expensive than double pleat – and they certainly look it…!!

Many people are shocked when they learn about the different types of curtains. This again emphasises the value of our no cost home consultation.

Q6. How do I choose my Fabric?

A . When making appointments with me, many people ask – how do I choose my fabric.

Well, I carry 5000 fabric samples on my van. During the consultation I am able to get a good sensing of what someone will like and the vast majority of times we are able to settle on a fabric that delights the customer.

We pitch our fabrics at a sensible price which represents real quality and also strong value for money. This is part of the reason for our high referrals and repeat business success. Please see our Reviews and Testimonials pages.

Q7. What are the best type of blinds for kitchens and bathrooms?

A. I always advise people that for bathrooms, kitchens and anywhere that is damp or gets wet a lot of the time, Venetian blinds are the way to go. Roller blinds with a fabric base are prone to develop mildew and may rot eventually. Although wood blinds are a popular option, they are better in dryer environments, as they can sometimes warp over time if condensation is present.

Venetian blinds are impervious to damp, and are even available in Faux wood which consists of a composite polymer. These Venetian blinds replicate timber extremely well, yet have non of the disadvantages.

Q8. Do your Roman blinds come with a lining?

A. We always interline every single Roman Blind as standard. This greatly enhances the appearance. When a blind goes up it hangs better with interlining, plumping up the fold. Without this addition the blind can look like a dishcloth….!!

Q9. What window dressing can I put in my bathroom?

A.  Venetian blinds are great for kitchen & bathrooms. In such environments, over time, wood will warp. Venetian blinds won’t.

Roller blinds (fabric) will attract mildew from the damp and will rot with time, so, here you can use Faux Wood Venetian blinds. Faux Wood Venetian blinds are a composite polymer which is long lasting and unaffected by  such conditions. The appearance of modern Faux Wood is very  close to timber, but much longer lasting in a bathroom.

For further reassurance, most replacement windows are also made from a polymer, in this case UPVC. Over many years, the sun and outdoor conditions will affect polymeric windows, but dampness will not.

Q10 – Is a motorised curtain track useful or is it just another Gizmo?

A. A motorised curtain track can be operated on a timer or an app so you can close and open your curtains when you are not at home. The app has been available since late 2018 and is much more popular amongst our clients than the timer.

The motorised curtain track makes life much easier. You can operate it sat in your chair and the modern versions are almost silent. Here are some more reasons for opting for motorised curtain track:

  • Like many products once established on the market, they are now very affordable.
  • Your never need to touch the curtain with your hands. Over time, grease from hands will mark the leading edge of a manually operated curtain.
  • Perhaps the best motivation of all, they are an excellent security feature. Potential intruders cannot see whether your home is occupied or not.


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