Exterior UPVC Doors Deliver Style & Security

A new article from Applewood Interiors web partner, UPVC Door Store, brings attention to the often overlooked matter of front doors and back doors in interior design.

Most home owners will spend a considerable amount of time, thought and effort – and no little expense – on creating a home that reflects their taste and their style. From classical designs to modern chic, the effect is created through the correct choice of floor coverings, lighting, wall colours, patterns and soft furnishings as well as a hundred other incidentals and accessories. We will even strip, varnish or paint the interior doors of our homes to match the decor we have so carefully selected. Yet 9 times out of 10 the front door and the back door are the same ones that came with the house when we bought it. Indeed in the vast majoprity of cases, the exterior doors on our homes are the doors that were fitted when the home was built.

upvcdoorstore.com has the answer. In fact they have a truly excellent range of answers for both front doors and back doors. UPVC exterior doors are now the material of choice for most home designers. Modern UPVC technology withstands discolouration. UPVC doors will not warp or let in draughts. UPVC front doors and back doors have the same thermal insulation qualities as the best double glazing. UPVC front and back doors are construct around a core of galvanised steel making them stronger and more practical than tradition wooden doors. But unlike most wooden doors, UPVC Door Store front and back doors are fitted with a 5 point locking system making them amongst the safest products on the market.

As UPVC Door Store manufacture all of their own doors, each one made-to-measure for every customer, pre-hung in their own UPVC door frames, upvcdoorstore.com provides all of their doors at trade prices. UPVC Door Store deliver to every corner of the UK and as they are based in Basildon, Essex, they are also able to offer an installation service to customers within a 40 mile radius of their workshops.

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 UPVC Door Store Delivers Style & Security