Celebrate Christmas in a Nordic Setting


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If you fancy a change this year from the usual festive decorations, and want to create an interesting Christmas look within your home, that will stimulate comments and lively conversation, there are several options.

You could base your style of Xmas decoration on that of another country or culture, such as the Scandinavian region. The Scandinavians use household items which are associated with winter to bring a subtle yet seasonal feel, such as sleds, mittens and ice skates. The Swedish, Danish and Norwegians are masters of evoking a wonderful rustic and minimalistic Yuletide atmosphere by their use of white, which symbolises snow and cool weather along with other muted colours. This natural and fashionable theme is also demonstrated by an abundance of wood used as the main material in decorative animal motifs and carved shapes, such as deer antlers and figurines.

Homes are bedecked with an assortment of cleverly placed wreaths, bells, stars, fir cones, branches and Yule logs, with an emphasis on a variety of textures and designs. A small Christmas tree in a basket decorated with one or two pine cones, tiny knitted, patterned wool hats, bundles of twigs sprayed white and tied up with string or ribbon and maybe the odd gold or silver bauble, adorn each room and demonstrate a simple sophistication. You can glue Nordic looking greenery from trees like spruce and pine along with other Christmas objects onto a flat piece of wood for a pretty display idea. Stars made of twigs in varying sizes, bound or glued together simply and even wrapped with a string of neon lights make very effective room decorations.

A unique holiday atmosphere is hard to ignore in these homes even with an absence of brightly or artificially coloured decorations, flashing lights and busily patterned gift wrapping paper. The key is to go for a basic relaxed and effortless composition to delight friends and family.

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