Fitted Roman Blinds, Popular Window Coverings.

Roman Blinds, Popular Window Coverings

With the huge array of blinds available, it can sometimes be difficult to find the best solution for your needs. This article explains the features of the four most popular types of blinds on the market.

For centuries, fabric Roman blinds have been popular window coverings. They are simple, aesthetically pleasing and easy to operate. They are controlled by a cord attached to the back of the fabric meaning they can be opened or closed in one smooth movement. The traditional choice, they are available in a range of fabrics and colours meaning they will complement just about any decor style.

Roman blinds can be fully opened or left partially down over the window enabling the user to adjust the level of light entering the room. Generally made from thick, heavy fabrics, Roman blinds can lend a very sumptuous feel to a room. Lighter fabrics can be used for a more minimalist feel, however. Roman blinds are easy to install, as they arrive ready-made and just need to be attached to the window recess.

Fitted Venetian Blinds, Slatted Wood Metal or Plastic Blinds

Venetian blinds, or slatted blinds, are very popular with homeowners. They are generally made from wood, light, flexible metal or synthetic materials meaning they are available in a host of colours and finishes. They can be bought off-the-peg or made specifically to the required size by a supplier. Venetian blinds are operated by either a cord or a solid pole which is attached to the operating mechanism in the blind unit. There are usually two separate controls, one for lowering and raising the blinds and one for adjusting the slant of the slats.

Venetian blinds are excellent for diffusing light into a room. To keep out bright sunlight but still let in light, tilting the blind slats upwards directs light to the ceiling so the room stays light without glare from the sun. On dull days, tilting the slats downwards directs available light into the parts of the room where it is most needed.

Fitted Vertical Blinds, Versatility for Homes & Offices

Vertical Blinds, Versatility for Homes & Offices

Vertical blinds are popular in homes and offices alike due to their flexibility and the privacy they allow. They can be slanted to allow light in whilst still maintaining privacy. To let in more light, they can easily be fully opened. Operated with a cord, it is very easy to adjust the slant of the blinds to allow in more or less light as required. Vertical blinds also allow you to diffuse the light entering a room, meaning they are ideal for letting in light whilst reducing glare on television or monitor screens.

Available in a range of fabric thickness’s and styles, vertical blinds offer a smart and neat look to a room. They can be fully opened
to one side, making them the ideal choice to cover patio doors where other blinds might not be an option.

Fitted Roller Blinds in Wide Range of Colours, Fabrics & Designs in Billericay & Chipping Ongar.

Roller blinds are often the easiest and most affordable option. They are readily available off-the-peg in a huge array of styles, colours and fabrics and can be bought in the exact dimensions required, or easily cut to exact size. Most roller blinds come with instructions explaining how to cut them to size and fit them. They are generally easy to fit and can be attached to the inside or outside of the window recess. Roller blinds are an excellent option for most window openings in Billericay, and as they are available in a huge range of sizes, they can be ideal for even the smallest windows. Roller blinds can be fully opened, giving the appearance of no blinds at all so are brilliant for rooms where a lot of light is required during the day.

Roller blind fabric comes in a range of thickness’s and blackout blinds are very popular in bedrooms, particularly among those who like total darkness or who need to sleep during the day. When combined with lined curtains, blackout blinds can offer complete darkness. If redecorating or giving your home in Billericay or Chipping Ongar a make over, high quality blinds from Applewood Interiors can provide energy efficiency, privacy and light and noise control. Also, as we take your safety extremely seriously, all of our blinds conform to child safety rules.

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