Awnings for All Occasions

Awnings for All Occasions

If you`ve decided to purchase an awning for your home, it can be tricky to know where to start, with so many different types of awnings available. From designer awnings to match your home décor, to cassette and open awnings, there are options available to suit all tastes and budgets.

Whichever one you choose is up to you, but ultimately an awning will provide shade, shelter from the inclement British weather and UV protection for the whole family, great for those hot summer days dining in the garden. Awnings also provide extra privacy which
is ideal for homes that may be overlooked by neighbours. Here`s our handy guide to purchasing an awning.

Cassette Awnings, Open Awnings & Semi Cassette Awnings

Cassette awnings, can be retracted fully and when tucked away they are neat and tidy, with the cassette offering protection for the fabric and mechanism, helping to keep the awning looking good as new! These awnings are durable and will last for years to come, making them a great investment for your home.

Open awnings are the perfect choice for any building that has a balcony ceiling or overhanging roof as this will protect the fabric
and mechanism of the awning from the elements when not in use. These awnings are sturdy and striking, yet more exposed to the weather.

Semi Cassette awnings provide slightly more protection than an open awning as the fabric and mechanism are enclosed when
the awning is retracted. They can be attached to conservatories, verandas or glass roofs as well as most other surfaces.

Awnings for All Occasions

Free Standing & Designer Awnings

Free Standing awnings are generally used for special occasions and provide an opulent and glamorous feel for events of any kind. Easy to erect and disassemble, these awnings are great for gatherings such as family parties, reunions, wedding functions and business events.

For the ultimate in luxury, why not have your awning tailor made and matched to your home`s décor. By adding lighting and heating
of your choice to your awning, it becomes a year-round accessory, allowing you to sit outside during the colder months and the colour and design of your awning can be matched to existing accessories and furniture etc, in your home for that personalised

Awning Heating & Lighting

Adding heating to your awning is a great option if you are looking to enjoy your patio or terrace all year-round. With British weather turning chilly in the Autumn and remaining inclement throughout spring, it makes sense to invest in an awning which will be continually useful. By adding a patio heater with remote control to your designer awning, you can sit out in the chillier months. Imagine enjoying a mulled wine and Christmas cookies in the December months, wrapped in a blanket under the heat from your new awning!

Lighting options for awnings are great for those who spend evenings outdoors, and having friends over for drinks is a whole new experience underneath your awning with stylish lighting! You could even co-ordinate your awning lighting with the lighting and furniture in your sitting room. By choosing contemporary styles, you are sure to create a seamlessly stylish look between the outdoors and indoors, matching your modern garden furniture to an elegant living room suite.

No matter what style of awning you choose, always have it fitted by a reputable company, who will be able to assist with measuring and designing your awning to perfectly fit your needs. You can look forward to a year of dining and entertaining outdoors with your brand new awning!

Awnings for All Occasions – Cassette Awnings, Open Awnings & Semi Cassette Awnings for Conservatories, Verandas & Glass Roofs, UV Protection. Free Standing & Designer Awnings for Patio or Terrace. Awning Heating & Lighting. Bespoke Awnings to Co-ordinate with Home Décor. Functional, Decorative, Attractive & Strong Custom Made Awnings in Range of Fabrics & Colours.