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Curtains and blinds play an important functional role in keeping your home private and free from excessive light, but these amazing interior design items also have a lot more to offer.

As a focal point for many rooms, they’re also there to let you show off your style and give your home a real bit of elegance. Whether you’re searching for long, sweeping curtains to give your dining room or bedroom a makeover or are simply looking for a handy Venetian blind in rooms that often get a lot of sunlight coming in through the windows, we can help.

Here at Applewood Interiors, we’ve been helping clients from across Billericay, Ingatestone and Wickford with their blinds and curtains for several years. In this article, we’ll take a look at the latest trends in fitted curtains and made to measure blinds to get you thinking about how you too can give your home a touch of modern class.

High Quality Fitted Curtains For Any Room of the Home

For centuries, curtains have been a vital part of almost every home in the land. And these days, there’s a wide range of curtain choices available on the market.

Perhaps you want to give your home a makeover and install some stylish curtain choices. Or maybe you want to avoid the disgusting curtains of yesteryear, like pencil pleat curtains with large, ugly rings. That’s why we offer pinch pleat curtains with that chic, grouped-together aesthetic, and why all of our curtains are treble pleat as standard rather than merely double pleat.

As well as providing you with the exact type, colour, texture and fabric of fitted curtains that you need, we also take the stress out of the curtain fitting experience by coming over to your home – both to help you choose and to get your curtains fitted. Unlike big, faceless stores such as John Lewis, who may simply send you a catalogue of samples through the mail, we come to your home and offer you a full, no holds barred consultation. Then once you’ve decided, we’ll come out to visit you in Billericay, Ingatestone or Wickford to save you the hassle and install your curtain poles in the correct style and format.

In addition to our curtain provision and fitting services, we also have a wide range of accessories designed to save you both time and money. No set of curtains would be complete without the correct tracks or poles, for example, so we make sure that you receive the best of these add-ons.

Made To Measure Bespoke Curtains & Blinds

At Applewood Interiors our wonderful made to measure curtains, fitted blinds and soft furnishings are chosen for their beauty, durability and practicality. All suppliers and products are sourced in the UK and we are dedicated to promoting the local economy. Our hand made curtains etc are created in and around Essex, by our skilled and talented staff. This practise has a number of benefits for all involved not least that it encourages growth in employment for the area. This has a ripple effect, bringing prosperity to the location, while allowing people to work within their community.

Commuting is a daily routine that many have to carry out, which can be expensive and tiring. It also takes quite a while depending on the distance between a workers home and say central London. People have less down time with their families, and may even be forced to rent accommodation near their place of work during the week. Returning to the home only at weekends can cause significant stress, and has been known to break up families. Our talented staff live in the local area, and are able to perform their magic in a stress free environment.

Online Products & Services for Affordable Window Dressings

We also base our business online, which means no high street shop front, and consequently, no overheads. How does this benefit our customers? Well, it means that we avoid the expense of a store, so can pass on any savings to our customers. Win Win! Our comprehensive website, has all of the information you need about Applewood. It explains our services, and what we offer. We will visit you in your own home, and you can browse through our range of samples. It’s very helpful when deciding on your preference, to be able to handle and feel the fabric for an informed choice.

Our prices are normally around 30% lower than our shop based competitors, but when you need us, we are there. Our free quotation and fitting service is available in areas like Brentwood, Shenfield, Loughton, Hornchurch, Billericay, Upminster, Ingatestone, Ongar, Wickford, Theydon Bois & Chigwell

Fitted Blinds For Kitchens, Dining Rooms, Living Rooms & More

No matter what sort of blinds you require for your home, here at Applewood we’ve got lots of choices for you.

Perhaps you have a specific type of door or window installed, such as bi-folding doors or bay windows, and you need to ensure that you select blinds which are most appropriate for the feature. Or maybe you’d like to bring your home well and truly into the twenty-first century by having a set of sturdy, intuitive and battery operated roller blinds installed in your kitchen or living room!

And for those homes which need defence against bright, incoming light at all times of the day and night, stylish and elegant fitted Roman blinds with integrated blackout linings are ideal for you. Or if you’d rather have a more precise solution, why not opt for a set of fitted Venetian blinds instead? These blinds can be opened and closed to exactly the levels you’d like, giving you unparalleled levels of control over how much sunlight will stream through your windows.

If you’re not sure exactly what sort of blinds you require, why not let us do the hard work for you and bring some samples over to your home? On a home visit, we can bring along all sorts of different types of blinds and help you find the one that you like the look of best.

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