5 Simple ways to Give New life to your Living Space

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One of the dilemmas home owners face is how to choose the décor, such as style, colours, design and theme. Many people feel as if they want to freshen up their living space rather than imposing any drastic changes. The good news is there are numerous ways to do this which are immediate and won’t break the bank.

1. Light & Airy

Getting more light into your surroundings is guaranteed to enhance your rooms and give them a positive feel. This can be accomplished by adding reflective surfaces such as mirrors or metallic items. You could also have a change of colours as in pastel walls or soft furnishings in delicate shades. Dark sofas can be given a new look with a light, colourful throw or cushions. Bedrooms can be transformed by simply replacing bedding and curtains etc in light tones.

2. Floors & Rugs

Floors are often overlooked, but can play a major role in enhancing the home environment. The addition of a vibrant or unusual rug can uplift a whole room, and create an interesting focal point. Peel and stick carpet tiles can also bring a fun and temporary edge to your abode giving you the freedom to play with patterns.

3. Accent Walls

A great way to refresh your main living area is with a feature or accent wall in a rich and striking colour. This can beautify the home with shades like aubergine or deep blue, without being overpowering. Alternatively you can use wallpaper for this wall, and change it as frequently as you like due to the small amount of materials needed.

4. Clean & Green

A natural feel is all the rage these days, with carpets made from coir, seagrass or sisal, wicker lamp shades and other items in organic materials. The neutral shades look great with a shock of bright colour here and there, whether it’s an ornament, an unusual lamp or piece of artwork. Actual plants are also a favourite, and are renowned for adding a calm, serene atmosphere, as well as cleaning the air of toxins.

5. De-clutter

Less is more, and one of the best ways to change the feel of a room couldn’t be easier, and involves de-cluttering! This will make your rooms appear bigger, fresher and cleaner, making you and others want to spend time in them.


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